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fitboo in New York

Hello New Yorkers!

We are excited to start fitboo in New York!!

The Internet is awesome. We're from Mallorca (a little Mediterranean island) and now we're working hard to help New Yorkers to be healthier and happier!

fitboo team are Miguel, Juan Carlos, Marc, Xisco, Ana, Andreu, Marc, Paco, Enrique, Fran and more that helped us to begin this awesome history. We are lucky to have an awesome team of Certified fitboo Ambassadors in New York (Celine, Brian, Adam and Ryan). In Boston too! (Barbara an Lynanne).

fitboo has born to give an alternative way to go to the gym.

Gym membership is a great option for people who can make it to the same gym on a regular basis, but not everyone falls into that category.

Having launched at the end of 2012 with a wide variety of gyms in Mallorca, fitboo is now growing rapidly and we are constantly adding gyms, and now all over New York City!

The gyms in Mallorca and New York that we launched with have already recognised that people use the gym in a different way these days and have seen how popular fitboo has become as a result. Whilst gym membership remains a great way to use the gym if you can make it regularly it does not work for everyone and this is where fitboo can help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards


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